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Planning a Sunroom Addition in 4 Steps

Consider a three-season room addition, and learn how to start the planning process.

Consider a three-season room addition, and learn how to start the planning process.

The seasons fluctuate quickly here in Maryland. One week it’s 70 degrees, and the next we’re waking up to an inch of slushy snow. Adding a sunroom to your Maryland home means that you can extend the warm seasons, and enjoy a bright retreat during the colder months. Consider a three-season room addition, and learn how to start the planning process.

Location & Size

A sunroom should be located in an area of your property that receives the most daylight. Most three-season additions are built on the first floor, off of a kitchen or living room. To determine the location and size of the addition, consider asking yourself the following questions:

– Will the room be used for entertaining or relaxation?

– Is there a view you would like to take advantage of?

– What will be the primary use of the room?

Year-Round Use

If you intend to use the sunroom year-round, the addition will require insulation, heating, and various other necessities. Discuss your options with your design team and contractor, and ensure to address the room’s solar exposure.

Choosing Windows & Doors

Sunrooms are designed to accommodate several windows and large doors, in order to allow sunlight to easily enter the room. When designing your sunroom addition, consider the placement and design of the windows. Would you like the windows to feature double or triple glass panes? Are you attempting to build a modern addition or would you prefer the room to reflect a classic approach?

The Details

Planning an addition allows you to reflect on your family’s style and aesthetic. Important aspects to consider include the flooring, crown molding, lighting, siding, and landscaping. Ask your contractor about the various options available to you.

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