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Beat the Heat With a Sunroom Addition in Summer!

Summer can be a tricky season for homeowners. On the one hand, they want to benefit from blue skies and plenty of light, but on the other, they do not want to sit outside in the sweltering heat. Is there a way to compromise and get the best of both worlds? There can be- if you opt to build a sunroom addition with the help of the professionals at Cossentino and Sons Remodeling! Now is the best time to plan ahead for this kind of addition project– read on to find out more.

 Why Build a Sunroom Addition? sunroom addition

1.) It adds livable space to your home. Increasing the square footage of your home is a great way to create a more comfortable living environment. A sunroom addition can double as a second family room, a reading room, a breakfast nook, or any number of other things.

2.) It protects you from the elements. Summer can be unpredictable: one day might be sunny and warm, while the next could be muggy and scorching hot. To beat the humidty and the heat, while still enjoying plenty of sunshine, your family can relax in their brand new sunroom addition.

3.) It is a place to entertain. Got guests coming over for a summer barbeque? While you prepare the steaks and grilled veggies outside, serve guests inside in your sunroom addition so that they can avoid the flies and mosquitoes that might otherwise try to crash your picnic!

 4.) It adds home value. With the extra living space and multi-purpose functions of a sunroom addition comes a definite boost to your home’s overall value. If you plan on reselling your home sometime in the future, this extra home value could increase your profitability.

5.) It’s fun! A sunroom addition is the perfect pick for a family home- spend your summer evenings together bonding, playing games, and enjoying the views.

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