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Do’s and Don’ts of Kitchen Remodeling

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens – not just cooking, but spending time with family and entertaining guests. It’s important to create a space that you’re truly proud to show off and that you enjoy being in. Did you know that remodeling your kitchen not only... Read More

From Dated to Dynamic: Modernizing a Kitchen Layout

When it comes to the contents of your kitchen, you know better than to ignore expiration dates. But if you wouldn’t let a container of yogurt go bad, why should you let your cabinets? Kitchen layouts, like any other design component in your home, can show their age if... Read More

The Biggest Bathroom Remodel Trends for 2015

Does morning after morning in your drab, out-of-date bathroom have you craving a total room renovation? Because your bathroom is a highly-trafficked area, no doubt it is in need of a bit of a makeover. If you are looking for inspiration, turn first to these top... Read More

Hot Home Remodeling Projects That Add Value

Homeowners invest in remodeling for a wide range of reasons: to increase square footage, to modify out-of-date structures, to keep up with design trends, etc. But one thing that nearly every home improvement project has in common is the capacity to add serious value... Read More