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Luxury Kitchen Trends of 2018, From Technology to Countertops

Friday, April 27th, 2018

Simple, functional, high quality and modern are the biggest focuses when it comes to the luxury kitchen trends of 2018. Based on the extensive surveys done by Houzz, in 2018 we can expect to see more homeowners concerned with organizing… Read More

3 Ways a Kitchen Island Boosts Your Kitchen Flow

Friday, November 11th, 2016

More and more homeowners are making the kitchen island the focal point of their kitchens. The popularity of kitchen islands has soared over the past decade. It’s easy to see why this feature is such a central point of so… Read More

How to Create a Cozy Kitchen

Friday, September 23rd, 2016

If you’re thinking of remodeling or renovating your kitchen, you may want to opt for a design that’s more welcoming and cozy. Designing a cozy kitchen is easy, and with next year’s projected trends, it’s likely to be a popular… Read More